With Fort Boards, kids can build and play in their own custom forts. Indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are as endless as their imagination. 


Fort Boards allows kids to create custom forts in any shape they can imagine — say, a rocket, submarine or octopus — then break them down and start all over again.

–The Seattle Times


Fort Famous!

Destined for fort stardom? Did you just create a true masterpiece? 
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What can you build with Fort Boards? Watch for yourself!


Easy To Build

Fort building and creative play has never been easier with Fort Boards! What will your kids build? Tunnels through their room, dueling battle bunkers, moon bases, a giant man-eating whale... the possibilities are nearly endless.

Packs Away Small

Fort Boards building toys can build REALLY BIG but can also pack down really small. All of the parts nest together to make for very compact storage. You can even build a Fort Board box to store some of your other toys!                                                      

Decorate Your Fort

Design Cards can make your forts look like they are made of wood, stone or metal. Plus you can flip over your Design Cards, to the blank side, and draw and color on your fort. Now there are even more creative possibilities!