Q: Can I climb on my Fort Boards? I’m asking for a friend.

A: Sadly, it isn’t yet socially acceptable for adults to play on (or even in) forts. Until the status quo changes, please resist climbing on your forts and advise your kids to do the same. To keep your forts safe, Fort Boards are designed to just pop apart if your kids try to climb them.

Dreaming of Forts

Q: How big of a fort can one pack of Fort Boards build?

A: In one pack, you can build a fort with 20 square feet of surface area. If you linked all the boards in a straight line, it’d be 29 feet long. That’s a whole lot o’ fort! And if Fort Boards leaves Chicago going 60 mph and more Fort Boards leave Baltimore going 75 mph, a fort will be built in Cleveland.



Q: Can fort-boards be used outside?

A: Yes! But maybe just don’t leave them out all Winter and then accidentally run them over the next Spring with a riding lawn mower. Your wife-bot will not be happy with you… not that I’ve done that exact thing.

Indoor Outdoor Play Forts

Q: Are you doing anything on Wednesday, Fort-Bot? I need help moving.

A: Um, I think I have to… get calibrated that day. Yeah I definitely have to get calibrated that day. All day. Sorry, otherwise I totally would.

Building forts are for kids and adults

Q: Can my three year old play with Fort Boards?

A: While all ages love playing in Fort Boards, most kids five and up can build with Fort Boards. I guess what I’m trying to politely say is that you’re going to need to stop building forts “for your kids.” They’re old enough to do it for themselves now - wait... shouldn't you be at work right now?

Q: Can you ship to Canada?

A: Not yet, but very soon. First we need to stop confusing the postal codes of Alaska, Alabama and Arkansas. Then we’ll try to figure out the difference between Austria, Australia and Papua New Guinea. (I’m still training the humans that run the shipping department).

Fort Malfuction


Q: Has anyone ever actually asked any of these questions?

A: We're sorry, Fort-Bot seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties. Please ask again later.