Shop Small (but buy big forts) on Small Business Saturday!

Fort Boards is a small business through and through. We try our best to support our community and we love our partnerships with local toy stores and children's museums. We were truly honored to win Microsoft's Small Business Contest earlier this year and to have been a finalist in Salesforce's contest as well. 

When you shop small you get to directly see how your purchase effects your local community. You also get to have a stronger relationship with the seller, who is a part of your community as well. We've got this dream to give kids all around the country this great fort building kit that we have. We started from just the Pacific Northwest and are branching out more and more. 

We thank you for shopping small this holiday season. But we also want to encourage you to shop BIG, as in BIG forts for BIG imaginations. The Fort Boards team is thankful for your support!