We Got an Order From Forty Fort Pennsylvania!

We're thankful that Fort Boards® is becoming known around the country as the best fort building kit out there. We've had orders from every state and even Puerto Rico! One of the coolest things is seeing some of the names of the cities that we are shipping our fort kits off to. When we got a recent order from Forty Fort Pennsylvania we had to check to make sure it wasn't a joke. We thought maybe the Boaty McBoatface people were pulling our legs. But, as it turns out, there is a small town of a little less than 5000 people named Forty Fort. We don't know yet if there are plans to change the name to Forty-One Fort after they received their Fort Boards® order. 

At Coordinates:    41°17′0″N 75°52′24″W , you'll find Forty Fort

At Coordinates: 41°17′0″N 75°52′24″W, you'll find Forty Fort

We always welcome a history lesson and so we decided to learn some facts about Forty Fort. One might guess that there are forty forts in the town of Forty Fort but one would be wrong. The town was named after one particular fort from the Revolutionary War. That fort was built by 40 of the town's original settlers and so named Forty Fort. Apparently creative names weren't a strength of that group of settlers but now creative building and open-ended play can be! .