Fort Gold!

Another Award!

Fort-Bot usually doesn’t usually like ostentatious displays of wealth, but is willing to make an exception. That’s because Fort Boards won gold at the Mom’s Choice Awards! For the next few months, Fort-Bot will try to subtly insert this topic of extreme honor into each and every conversation it has.

Fort Boards Mom's Choice Award

Oh, this? Just one award. Didn’t want to seem like I was bragging by wearing both. 

First Radio Interview

Contrary to the huge gold necklace (Fort Boards recently won gold at the Mom’s Choice Awards), Fort-Bot is a little shy. So the thought of doing a half hour long radio interview with StoryTellers Campfire Radio felt like sand in its sprockets. Fort-Bot, however did a pretty decent job; its operating system didn't freeze up once! You can check out it out here! 

StoryTellers Campfire Radio

Could you speak up? I think this gold award is interfering with my headphones. 

Socially Sharing is Caring

It’s been amazing to see fort photos from little builders around the country. You can check out kid’s latest creations here. Fort-Bot especially liked the extremely creative Star Wars R2D2 fort that deserves an award. Speaking of awards…

Fort Boards Wins Multiple Awards!

Ugh, my robot neck is getting sore.