More Naps & More Forts

Fort-Bot, of course, doesn’t have to tell you that this Sunday is National Public Sleeping Day. What’s that you ask? It’s the one day of the year that you’re encouraged to take a nap in a public location: at the beach, a park, while first in line at a stop light …wherever you want!

Why this day falls in the middle of the winter is not important. What is important is that Sunday is the perfect day to take a nap in a fort!  According to (the foremost expert on National Public Sleeping Day), naps come in three varieties: the Hangover (30 min), the Brainiac (60 min) and the California King (90 min).

So to celebrate this momentous fort napping day, Fort-Bot has pulled an all-nighter and cranked out a couple more direction sets that build the perfect napping vessels!

The 1-Pack Submarine
The 2-Pack Castle

Feel free to post on the Fort Boards Facebook page with your suggestions for which directions you would like to see next!

Happy napping & forting!

When you take a nap in a fort, everyone wins!

When you take a nap in a fort, everyone wins!