Girls, You Can Create Anything!

Do You Know About STEM?

Not a plant stem or the part of a musical note or even the quaint little town of Stem in North Carolina. No, the STEM that we're talking about is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are fields of learning and particularly in these fields we see wide gender disparities between girls and boys pursuing STEM related careers. 

Why Is This Important?

Well to start, women that work in STEM related careers make about 1/3 more income than women in careers that require a comparable level of education and training. And it isn't a simple fix to just have more women go into science, tech, engineering or math. No, there are a lot of social barriers that often keep young women from pursuing these paths. Many studies have shown that while boys tend to score higher on math tests than girls, that is not the case once the test takers have been told that males and females are equally capable in math. This shows just how powerful stereotypes can be and how they can be self-fulfilling. 

Thankfully wonderful organizations such as the AAUW (American Association of University Women) exist to address these systemic problems and to work toward equality in education and income and social standing. And it is also great that there is more information about this issue available and parents are now able to proactively work toward addressing these gender disparities. 

STEM learning is greatly important for both boys and girls but historically STEM toys have been more often made available to boys. Building blocks, chemistry sets, rocket kits have all been in the "boy" section of toy stores while dolls and tea sets have been in the "girl" section. That is starting to change for sure. We here at Fort Boards are proud to provide an amazing educational toy that not only promotes STEM concepts and spatial reasoning but is also gender neutral. We have seen little girls build rockets to the moon and boys build play houses and we'll never tell them that they can't. Watch the world open up when you look into a little girl's eyes and let her know, "You can create anything!"

A young girl plays with Fort Boards, a STEM toy and fort building kit

A young girl plays with Fort Boards, a STEM toy and fort building kit

Where Can I Buy These Fort Boards, STEM Toys For Girls?

Well, you happen to be on our website already so that's a good start. To make it even easier here's a button for you! 

But our awesome educational toy is also available at some independent toy stores across the country, some children's museums, and it is also available on the Amazon website. So you shouldn't have any problem getting this science toy for your kid. If you do happen to have any questions though, feel free to reach us at