What is a Fort Boards fort building kit?

What is a Fort Boards fort building kit?

In today’s society, kids have fewer opportunities for free play. However, even if they’re stuck in the house or backyard, building a fort instantly gives a child the ability to be transported to another world full of adventure. Fort Boards is an open-ended construction toy set that fosters imagination and creativity while giving kids a sense of independence. 

How do they work?
Fort Boards was designed to be easily learned and used by kids age 5 and up, but younger children also love playing in Fort Boards forts. 

  • Simple visualization: Like in home building, it’s hard to visualize a structure’s final shape when it’s only the framing. But when kids build a playhouse out of solid material, like bricks, blocks or the 8 inch square Fort Board boards, they see exactly what they are building as they build it. There is no secondary product needed (such as a fabric covering) to reveal the design. 
  • Snap in the angle: When kids connect two Board parts together it forms a hinge that can be used for doors or secret hatches. They can rotate them together to form the desired angle and add a Connector part to lock the two Boards at a precise angle. 
  • Uniform parts: Since there are only two parts (the Board and the Connector) to this construction toy set, the right parts are always at hand. Six different angles can be created with just those two parts and easy to understand symbols show how to create angles at either 180°, 90°, 45°, or 30°. 
  • Toy Safety: Fort Boards consists of carefully crafted, non-toxic, polypropylene parts that don't pose a choking hazard to to your little builders. And as an added bonus to parents, these extremely durable, stress tested parts are approximately 50% less painful to step on than Lego.
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What do you do with them?
Go ahead and build a fort or… anything!

  • Creative ideas: We’ve observed children design unique creations from their own imagination, such as wearable robot armor, pet dogs, and ice castles.  
  • Fort Boarding School: On the FortBoards.com website, printable directions show how to build a house, castle, submarine, car and many other forts. 
  • Adding decorations: Each board has tabs to hold Design Cards that transform the exteriors to look like metal, stone or wood. Flipping over the cards displays a white surface for kids to draw their own custom designs. 
  • Share your masterpieces: Does your child love the spotlight? Send their creation our way and we’ll share it with the world! Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #fortboards or email the picture or video to us at info@fortboards.com 

Are they good for my kids?
For sure! Schools and children’s museums across the country are using Fort Boards to help kids learn in an engaging way. 

  • Learn STEM Concepts: By visualizing a three-dimensional structure, building it, and then seeing it from the inside and outside, spatial reasoning and engineering concepts are learned. The symbols on the boards help children to learn more advanced math (geometry) as they create the necessary angles for their creations. When their fort starts to sag kids instinctively learn to add additional support pieces as they gain hands-on structural engineering experience.
  • Creativity and imagination: Fort Boards are an educational toy that encourages the type of open-ended play that is so valuable for children’s development. Kids use these building toys to create artistic masterpieces in the way that Michelangelo used blocks of marble.
  • Promotes cooperative play and bonding:  As kids work on larger and more elaborate structures, teamwork can be very useful. Children learn to share the Boards and Connectors to create the biggest and best structure - together. Also, from what we’ve seen at children’s museums, parents—especially Dads—also love building with their kids. This is a wonderful bonding activity. 

Do people like them?
No… People LOVE them!

  • Boys and girls love Fort Boards: Try to find a gender neutral STEM/STEAM toy that girls love. Great job, you found us! There aren’t a lot of toys that fit that bill but we are proud to be one.  
  • An award-winning toy: Fort Boards has won several prestigious toy awards such as the Mom’s Choice Award, Mr. Dad’s Seal of Approval, and was also listed as a top toy by the Seattle Times. We’re just getting started too. We’re going to have to build a fort to hold all of these awards. 
  • Moms and Dads give a big thumbs up:  Moms and dads have weighed in on the internet with what they think of Fort Boards and it’s been very positive. Check out reviews like this one from GeekDad or this wonderful review from a mom at Family Focus Blog.
  • Fort Boards have been tested out by several Occupational Therapists and they fully approve of the therapeutic value of Fort Boards. "From an OT perspective, Fort Boards provide practice with hand strength & bilateral skills (there's a lot of pinching & pushing together involved) as well as visual spatial, visual motor, constructional praxis, executive function, & even social skills."