Fort Mastery, Fort Magic, and Fort Expressionism


Owning a set of Fort Boards is just the start of your building and creative process. With a set of these cool toys for kids, you can keep building more and more creative things. Here are some tips to help you down the path of fort mastery, fort magic, and fort expressionism. 

Fort Mastery

In order to reach the point of fort mastery, you are going to want to make sure you know all of the ways that Fort Boards connect and work together. You can watch the basic techniques video and then move on to the advanced techniques video. Included in each Custom Fort Builder pack is a certificate of Fort Mastery to be signed when you complete the steps. 

Fort Magic

The real fort magic lies in Fort Boards's ability to transform into so many different things. You can create knight's armor to wear while defending the castle you built. Or you can build a spaceship that can fly you to the moon that you formed out of Fort Boards. You can make a whale or a shark and put it in a shark tank built from Fort Boards too. 

Fort Expressionism

Expressionism was a modern art movement in which artists distorted reality in order to express more emotion in their work. These artist were not at all focused on what was realistic and that is a great way to use Fort Boards. A Fort Boards octopus isn't going to fool any marine biologists any time soon but it is an exaggerated representation of that eight-legged sea creature. Go ahead and let your creativity run wild and create a sculpture out of Fort Boards that would make Michelangelo proud. 

With the blank side of the design cards, you can also essentially turn your Fort into a blank canvas to draw and color on. There are so many colors in your box of crayons that are just begging to be used! Learning to express emotion through art can be very valuable for children in their life. So have fun expressing! 


And as always, if you create something AMAZING we'd love to see it! Send a picture to or put it on Instagram and tag it with #FortBoards so that we can check it out. Get out there and be creative!