Calling All Fort Makers: 5 Prompts For New Fort Ideas!

Even the most prolific fort makers can use some new fort ideas. With Fort Boards® building toys you can build nearly anything you can imagine and here are some prompts that might get some more fort ideas going through your head!

1. Songwriters sometimes wonder what to sing about, artists wonder what to draw about, and builders often wonder what to build about. One of the things that often inspires all of these creators is Mother Nature. Head on outside and build a fort! No one said you have to have an indoor fort only (unless your parents told you that then listen to them). Imagine what kind of structure you would need to build if a snow storm was coming. Or what if you wanted to build your own beach cabin? Or what if your backyard was about to be attacked by angry squirrels and you had 5 minutes to build a shelter!


2. We’ve seen a lot of cool forts in our time. Builders like you have shared some amazing toy forts with us (by email or by using the hashtag #fortboards) and a lot of the time they are things we’d never have thought to build ourselves. So just think about something that would be fun to do and then make a cool fort that would be perfect for that activity. Like the ball pits at Chuck E. Cheese? Build a ball pit fort and get 100 plastic balls. Like bowling? Make some bowling pin forts and knock them down. Like sorting laundry (no judgement)? Then make a laundry sorter.


3. How about you just build what you think best represents a “crazy fort”? What would that look like? Does it have trap doors to kick out unwanted siblings? Does it convert to a car for endless adventures? What is the craziest thing you can think of? Maybe it’s a Fort Boards octopus to run around in... but it’s probably crazier huh?


4. What if the year is 2067? In the future everyone wears clothes built out of Fort Boards®. What does your most fashionable Fort Board outfit look like? Does it go over your head or just over your body? Are the pants going to shrink in the dryer? What color best goes with your backpack? Why would they make clothes out of a building toy in the future? So many questions to answer!

The Future of Fashion is Fort Boards

The Future of Fashion is Fort Boards


5. We have some great fort designs that you can check out but often the best fort is a DIY fort. Just start building! You might need to take it down and start all over a few times. You might have to sit and think for a while to get the best engineering solution to some building challenges but you’ll be strengthening STEM skills and having fun at the same time! Gravity can be an annoyance when building but use it as a challenge. See how high you can build without it falling over.