More STEM Challenges for School or Home!

K to 1st Grade Challenge

Create a stop motion video with your spelling words and Fort Boards 


  • Tape letters for your spelling words to the boards

  • Take a picture of each board as you add more letters

  • Spell your words in horizontal, vertical and diagonal format


3rd to 4th Grade Challenge:

Design and build a structure that demonstrates the three types of angles.


  • The structure must have at least 2 right, 2 obtuse and 2 acute angles.  Label each. 

  • Include a poster that names the structure and its purpose in paragraph format.


Kindergarten to 4th Grade Challenge:

Design and build a maze game for a robot to navigate on the floor.

Requirements (choose depending on grade level): 

  • Maze may only be one tile high. 

  • Side lengths - create one side for each of the following measurements:  8 inches, 2 ft. 4 ft. 10 ft.

  • Design a way for the robot to collect points as it navigates the maze (ex: does it knock down items for points, hit certain targets, avoid obstacles).

  • Code your robot to navigate the maze on its own.

  • Navigate the robot manually.

  • Run the robot through the maze 4 times and find the average speed it takes to complete the maze.