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It’s so important to play... to play with your kids and to let them play alone. Let them be little, let them be excited. Some “toys” are a lot more than toys, aren’t they.


This is probably our favorite review we've received. Such lovely words and such lovely images. We're so glad that the Sentimental Cynic loves Fort Boards. Here's the review in full:

Earlier this month I came across an amazing company, Fort Boards, on Instagram. Forts have always been a big deal around here. Tent forts, box forts, bed forts. You name it we are probably into it. I've always loved fort kits as well but my kids are too hard on cardboard sets and it seemed like it would ultimately be a waste. When I saw that Fort Boards made something super sturdy and not paper I was pretty intrigued. 

The truth is, I struggle with video games and TV and the amount of influence they have on our day. Growing up I didn't watch a lot of TV. Mostly I watched a worn out Robin Hood VHS and played outside or in my room. I had a huge imagination. I'd write whole stories in my head and spend hours acting them out. I called the trees my friends and even dressed them. Sure, I watched TV and played the Sega Genesis with a lot of enthusiasm, but I was equally - and sometimes moreso - that over the moon for using my imagination. I want that for my kids. I want them to experience life and create things. There are plenty of sick days and snow days and blah days for vegging out to a marathon of shows... in the mean time... let's play.

Layla spent hours in the house we built. Her and Boris read books and chatted about whatever foxes chat about. It was pure chaos when the kit arrived, but after everything calmed down I think it was a lot of fun to for her to hide out and dream little dreams. It's so important to play... to play with your kids and to let them play alone. Let them be little, let them be excited. Tomorrow while they're all at school I'm going to build different things to surprise them with. It's going to be great having this for Spring Break. As I sit here and finish this post I am giggling over the story line that's unfolding on the porch where we chose to set up the fort. Some "toys" are a lot more than toys, aren't they. 

What kind of imaginative play do your children love?

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