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My kids are in love. I purchased a box for them and for their cousins. They’ve lead to endless creative ideas and I loved watching the older kids build stuff for the younger kids to play in. My oldest is 11 and the youngest cousin is 3 and they all were having a great time with this imaginative toy.
— C. Ramsdale

Castle Fort
Our 2.5 and 5.5 year old boys really enjoy building different forts with these! We also have different cards for changing the appearance of the fort (today’s is a castle).
— Jessica C.

My niece can build inside and outside and easily take it apart. She loves playing with the fort boards and I will likely buy more for her birthday so she can build even bigger structures.
— J. Easton

Airplane Fort

Airplane Fort

My grandsons have had hours of play and never tire of it.
— CJK8

arc de triomphe Fort
Bought 4 sets of these for grandkids. They love them. Hours of fun!!
— Theresa H.

My 5 year old son loves building and all things construction. He loves these fort boards and keeps asking for more sets to build bigger things. He is able to build by himself, but it is fun for adults to join him also. Highly recommended.
— Lauren Nentwich

Car Fort
My 2 and 4 year olds love to help build and create fun places to play in with these. Cleans up easily and can be stored in original packaging.
— A. C.

Our son (14) loves all things Nerf so he took his allowance money to help buy these. The boards are solidly constructed and are a great addition to his arsenal and Nerf battlefield. Reasonably priced and EXCELLENT customer service. Thumbs up to these guys!!!
— Misty Cook

These fort boards are great! My grandkids have built some amazing structures already. They’re super sturdy and fasten together easily. The kids are 7 & 10 but younger kids would be able to use them also. They’re built to last.
— Jane H.

House Fort
The boards are very intuitive. Once the kids realize how they snap together, their imaginations take off and they build amazing structures.
— A. C.

What kid doesn’t like building a fort and having a little place to hide out and be in their own world? I have two daughters (6 & 10) and they love these so much we needed more! Great design makes them simple and easy to use - just click them together and make a structure! My six year-old has no problem building with them on her own and is so proud of her creations. We had previously bought a different brand of fort building kit with sticks and connectors, but this is superior in strength and stability. As a bonus it doesn’t require a sheet or blanket unless they want extra ambiance!
— Timothy A. Quinn

R2D2 Fort Star Wars Fort
The pieces easily go together. They are also very sturdy so it will not break easily. I recommend to all kids who love to build.
— Stephanie