Toys For Special Needs


Fort Boards have been evaluated and identified, by pediatric occupational therapists, as a therapy tool and as a toy for special needs children. While active play is a great way for all children to learn, there are specific aspects of Fort Boards that make them an ideal toy for children with a variety of special needs. 


How Can Fort Boards Help? 

Fort Boards can help special needs children develop: 

  • Visual Spatial Skills
  • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Fine-motor Skills
  • Hand Strength & Bilateral Skills
  • Executive Function
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Social Skills and Communication

The pediatric occupational therapists we've consulted with agree that Fort Boards are especially useful for improving the visual perceptual and visual spatial skills that play a large role in learning letters, figuring out math problems, and playing sports or dancing. 

The physical dexterity used in playing with Fort Boards is also a key benefit. The OT terms of fine-motor skills and bilateral coordination refer to the skills needed for important things like using a fork and knife correctly or holding a pencil properly (a growing problem as kids are using technology at a younger age). 

Some parents may find Fort Boards to be one of the best toys for children with autism spectrum disorder

Fort Boards work for Dylan, a unique little boy. The very first thing Dylan did with Fort Boards was build a square around himself, then he exclaimed “Dylan space. l, the therapist, was able to get him to engage by tossing a ball back and forth from “Dylan’s Space.” On one occasion he was having a rough day. He built up the walls higher and was able to tell us without words that he needed some time, as well as being able to remove a few boards to let someone in. It’s hard for him to explain - as an autistic child he has a hard time relaying what he needs or what he wants. But we know if it’s a good day when he builds with a door or without.
— A Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Kansas

Easy To Build

Fort building and creative play has never been easier with Fort Boards! What will your kids build? Tunnels through their room, dueling battle bunkers, moon bases, a giant man-eating whale... the possibilities are nearly endless.

Packs Away Small

Fort Boards pack away small for a space saving solution for messy toys

Fort Boards building toys can build REALLY BIG but can also pack down really small. All of the parts nest together to make for very compact storage. You can even build a Fort Board box to store some of your other toys!   

Decorate Your Fort

An amazing to for inspiring creativity in your kids

Design Cards can make your forts look like they are made of wood, stone or metal. Plus you can flip over your Design Cards, to the blank side, and draw and color on your fort. Now there are even more creative possibilities!