Fort Boards® For Those With Special Needs

Fort Boards® have been evaluated and identified, by Pediatric Occupational Therapists ("OT" for short), as a therapy tool and as a toy for special needs children. While active play is a great way for all children to learn, there are specific aspects of Fort Boards® that make them an ideal toy for children with a variety of special needs. 


Small Motor Skills Toys

How Can Fort Boards® Help Special Needs Kids? 

Fort Boards® can help special needs children develop: 

  • Visual Spatial Skills

  • Visual Perceptual Skills

  • Fine-motor Skills

  • Hand Strength & Bilateral Skills

  • Executive Function

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Social Skills and Communication

The pediatric occupational therapists we've consulted with agree that Fort Boards® are especially useful for improving the visual perceptual and visual spatial skills that play a large role in learning letters, figuring out math problems, and playing sports or dancing. 

The physical dexterity used in playing with Fort Boards® is also a key benefit. The OT terms of fine-motor skills and bilateral coordination refer to the skills needed for important things like using a fork and knife correctly or holding a pencil properly (a growing problem as kids are using technology at a younger age). 

Some parents may find Fort Boards® to be one of the best toys for children with autism spectrum disorder

We received the below email from a parent in Kansas:

"Fort Boards® work for Dylan, a unique little boy. The very first thing Dylan did with Fort Boards® was build a square around himself, then he exclaimed "Dylan space. l, the therapist, was able to get him to engage by tossing a ball back and forth from "Dylan's Space." On one occasion he was having a rough day. He built up the walls higher and was able to tell us without words that he needed some time, as well as being able to remove a few boards to let someone in. It's hard for him to explain - as an autistic child he has a hard time relaying what he needs or what he wants. But we know if it's a good day when he builds with a door or without."



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